STM32F0 Discovery

Recently acquired in STM32F0 Discovery board as a prize in a contest (more like a giveaway) organized by local ST Microelectronics distributors.
Kit comes in reusable (no cutting needed to open) PET blister.
Inside: main board and simple perfboard.
Traditionally kit has integrated ST-Link/V2 USB debugger based on STM32F103C8T8 microcontroller. USB works also as power source (mini-USB connector).
"Main" microcontroller is STM32F051R8T6:
  • Cortex-M0, 48 MHz max
  • 64 kB FLASH
  • 8 kB RAM with parity checking
  • 2.0-3.6V
  • 5 ch. DMA
  • fast 12 bit ADC
  • 12 bit DAC
  • 18 capacitive sensing channels
  • heck load of timers
  • SWD and UART bootloader
  • LQFP64 (largest one from the family)

Demo program loaded to microcontroller blinks LD3 and LD4 when USER button is pressed.
Chip markings are little hard to read at this viewing angle, but they are fine when viewing from ~30 deg angle.
Bottom side gives access to additional configuration solder bridges.