EmBitz - first impression

EmBitz is Code::Blocks based pre-packaged IDE with ARM compiler targeted for embedded.
It is relatively lightweight (50MB installer including GCC), ~600MB after installation. Obviously it's also much more responsive than any eclipse-based IDE.
IDE works with STLink and it looks like it's much more stable than SW4STM32 (when working with SW4STM32 I had to reset/reconnect STLink each 5 minutes, so far I haven't seen any problems with EmBitz.
While collection of .svd files is available only after buying support package it seems that .svd files from other sources work as well.



When you are looking for crappy software, Microsoft can provide. I'm not not talking about Windows as Linux desktop distributions I've tried recently failed me way worse, often with functionality broken right from the start (i.e. it seems to me that no one tests it before releasing, not even once). But when it comes to overly complicated and bloated non-os software Microsoft is definitely the leader.
Last year I've installed Visual Studio 2015 Community and I just discovered that it has a habit of eating disk space on system partition, 10MB (some installer file with random name and some log file) every day with update installation that fails:
2017-03-17 08:26:21 - Microsoft VSIX Auto Update
2017-03-17 08:26:21 - -------------------------------------------
2017-03-17 08:26:22 - VSIXAutoUpdate :  Supported products on the machine
2017-03-17 08:26:22 -         Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2015
2017-03-17 08:26:22 - VSIXAutoUpdate :  Supported products applicable to auto update
2017-03-17 08:26:22 -         Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2015
2017-03-17 08:27:17 - VSIXAutoUpdate result in error when updating extension:
2017-03-17 08:27:17 - xxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxx-Developer Analytics Tools-
2017-03-17 08:27:17 - Certificate check failed. Certificate information of the previously installed extension could not be read.

I hope that disabling VSIX Auto Update in Task Scheduler would stop this.