Google Search spam rant

Whatever Google is doing to fight web search spam does not seem too effective.
Here are search results for "ex-03 usb phone" query:
Custom uninstallers for very niche application (and I'm not even searching for application)? Shit me not. Four out of ten top search result here are domains with algorithmically generated content distributing highly suspicious "uninstallers".
It gets worse: in my personalized (that is when I'm logged in) search results another two similar domains appear in first page thus giving more spam than real content. For comparison: none of these domains appear in top bing, yahoo or yandex search results.
Google search has spam reporting (https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/spamreportform?hl=en) although my reports here are either ignored or sitting in queue for quite a long time (almost two weeks at the moment).