GPS-400AB power supply

DELTA GPS-400AB power supply, branded as ASUS. Some sources point that same power supply can be also sold under Chieftec or Enlight brand. This unit seems to be produced in 2008.

"Cigarettes, that's what got her".

 Most of the capacitors branded as CapXon are either leaked or about to burst.
 This is why this power supply is heavy -  passive PFC choke, PFC41V-056 TP130-2.
Most individual wires are crimped in groups, copper crimps are soldered to PCB.
 From what I can find DWA102 seems to be analog of TPS5510P, 3-channel power supervisor (over/undervoltage protection).
 U8KBA80R - 800V, 8A rectifier
 These soldered and then cut out resistors seems to be some kind of configuration elements. As markings say same PCB is used for GPS-300AP and GPS-350AP (AB?).

 Quite a lot components on the bottom side.

 Soldering is slightly inconsistent, as if few componets were manually soldered.

TL431AC - voltage reference in TO-92 package - 2 pcs
transoptors: PC123 - 3 pcs
STPS2045CT (dual 10A Schottky) - 4 pcs