Solar battery made from transistors

This is little solar battery I've made from few power transistors about 20 years ago (that's why transistors are little rusty).
There is one piece of 2N3055 (third from the left), four HOTs (some of them were already damaged before cutting the case - I've got them as damaged from TV service, but they still worked with no problems as solar cells) and most interesting - KT801A, medium power transistor from USSR with enormously large when comparing to case silicon area (fifth).

The unusual thing is that it's die has irregular shape - I suppose this transistor was hand-assembled. Even with some remains of protecting paint on it this transistor worked better than others.

The idea is even older - I've spotted it first in magazines "Zrób to sam" ("DIY") from late '70s or early '80s and "Юный Техник" ("Young Technician").

"Zrób to sam" - solar powered AM radio receiver:

"Юный Техник" - solar (and wind) powered scarecrow. It's solar battery is actually made of diodes (40-60 pieces) with glass packages.

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