Logitech M310

Since replacement mouse wheel encoder for my A4Tech X-710 turned out to be almost as imprecise as old one and it's USB cable has lost almost all isolation exposing wires (I guess chemical decomposition over time) and plastic cracked a little next to screws it's time to change mouse.
I've bought refurbished Logitech M310 for $12.
First impression:
  • it's "full size" mouse and it turns out it's very similar in size and shape to X-710
  • left and right button are nice but little louder than in A4Tech
  • middle/scroll button is slightly hard to use requiring some force to be pressed and pretty loud
  • scroll wheel moves quietly and with little resistance although still seems to be precise (contrary to opinions I've found on micro-precise scroll used e.g. in M325)
  • off-center optical sensor probably needs some time to adjust to (sensor in X-710 was placed exactly in the middle)
  • mouse feet seem interior to those (thicker and 6 instead of 4) in X-710
  • mouse worked out of the box (I'm not sure if paired earlier or does not require pairing), no software installation was necessary with Windows 7 
Because of asymmetric optical sensor location I wouldn't recommend it for people using left hand (or both hands) - when using with right hand it feels like it has lower dpi than X-710 (i.e. less than 1000) while using with left hand it behaves very strange. It must be related to anatomy - when rotating mouse with right hand cursor moves only a little (this is fine) while when rotating even little with left hand cursor moves whole screen length.
If you are using windows consider turning off "Allow this device to wake up the computer" option in device manager to not be surprised with accidental waking up of computer. Useful commands:
  • powercfg lastwake - check reason of last wakeup
  • powercfg -devicequery wake_armed - list devices allowed to wake PC
Although producer recommends alkaline cell (i.e. 1.5V cell) it works fine with charged NiMH eneloop 2000mAh cell. With my use (5-6 hours on work day, more on weekends, no ON/OFF switch used) it worked 2.5 months from this cell, down to 0.945V.

I am not noticing optical sensor performance drop after switching from X-710 which is probably good thing. I'm using cloth mouse pad thus these are not challenging conditions though.

Damage on button plastic was caused by using aggressive solvent for cleaning microswitch and not waiting for it to dry

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