Dave Jones on a PC oscilloscopes

Here are two Dave Jones videos on a PC oscilloscopes.

EEVblog #13 Part 2 of 2 - Comparison of PC Based Oscilloscopes

EEVblog #86 - Buy a real Analog Oscilloscope PLEASE!

Although I partially disagree with these opinions - some PC oscilloscopes have no match when working as a fast data loggers and ability to capture continuous stream is very useful to me - there is a lot of truth in them. That said, beware of cheap USB oscilloscopes that are just overpriced sound cards in disguise like this one:

As you can see even sound card type used is not consistent.
Warning signs are:
  • two oscilloscope + two generator channels,
  • high-resolution (16 or 24 bit) ADC advertised,
  • sampling frequency 48, 96 or 192 k,
  • no drivers needed.

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