FM PLL radio with TEA5767 module

TEA5767 module allows to build own PLL FM radio with good sensitivity and separation. This module is popular, cheap ($1.85 at aliexpress, min. 10 pcs, free shipping), can be even extracted from old S1MP3 player (marked with [K], see http://www.s1mp3.org/en/docs_hwspecs.php):
These modules are controlled with I2C or SPI (selectable). They do not require any calibration.
Following pictures presents complete FM radio with '51 MCU and TBA820 audio amplifier built into beautiful wooden speaker. Source: http://as.elte-s.com/zrob/radio_tea5767.htm

Modules with TEA5767, AVR microcontroller and headphone amplifier (TDA1308, 80 mW max), few pushbuttons, ISP and LCD connector cost about $16. 
For AVR (avr-gcc/WinAVR) code check http://tomeko.net/projects/TEA5767_radio/.

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