SD cards - some speed tests

All tests were made using same card reader.

Kingston 128 MB

Kingston 2 GB

Goodram 8 GB - dissapointing when comparing to manufacturer claims: 20 MB/s for both reading and writing. In test: slower than cheap 2GB Kingston except for sequential writing.
Update: it looks that measured speed is in fact similar to declared but the problem lies elsewhere - Goodram was making (for a short time?) cards named in the same way based on SLC memories that got overall good reception (positive press reviews). They were rebranded Toshiba Professional series most likely. Then Goodram started to distribute much worse MLC memories named in the same way. This is definitely unfair practice.
Update 2. This card was proven to be unreliable. It passed initial test with H2testw, but then it lost data when used in my camera. It failed to format several times giving errors. And then after successful formatting and some time it failed again proving to be worthless. Unfortunately it was bought online and trying to replace it (shipping) would be more expensive then buying a new one.
Product number from blister: SDC8GHC10PGRR9.

Kingston 8GB, micro SD, class 4.

4 GB version gives identical results.

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