Teardown: Modecom CR-202 (C2110) memory card + SIM reader

Cheap (but not as cheap as SIYOTEAM products) memory card reader branded/sold as Modecom CR-202.
Package contains CD ROM with drivers (fortunately needed for SIM reader only) and reader itself.
 Black glossy package - seems nice.

 If I could choose I would prefer typical USB - mini/micro USB cable (even short like bundled with sansa clip than this one integrated and even shorted cable.
 Soldering quality is pretty bad in this unit - as if half of the board was manually assembled (and no one cared to clean the flux).
Silkscreen shows real name of this reader: C2110 or G-C2110, probably manufactured by CDR-KING or cloned from it. Some speed tests.
 Chip: Realtek RTS5161
 The other side of PCB looks even worse.
 Apparently this unit needed some fixing. Normally I wouldn't care, but this soldering looks quite unprofessional - two lines are shorted together, so Compact Flash reader probably would not work (don't have any CF card to check, but it seems unlikely that these connections would be redundant).
QC sticker is slightly torn, does the torn part represent part of device that is not working?

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