FX-350MS clone

 This very cheap (~$2.70) calculator was supposed to be my second/spare scientific calculator. Unfortunately it was disappointing in terms of both quality and function set.
This calculator is as generic as it could be. Under the sticker from local distributor there is just "Scientific Calculator" text, no brand name or anything like it anywhere (that may be a plus).
 Visually and functionally this looks like exact copy of Casio FX-350MS, although user manual was written poorly and quite incomplete.
 Device was dead on arrival with few of the LCD segments not working (exp part of the display).
 Another problem is very poor build quality, pressing buttons was causing severe distortions on LCD.
 My attempt to search for broken LCD connection and fix was proven unsuccessful as even careful manipulations were causing problems with other connections. Basically I believe that these connections are doomed to fail even on piece that is initially working. I have doubts if this thing passed DEKRA tests or these tests are worth a dime - when trying to search DEKRA seal database I couldn't get any result on ANY search term I've tried and this is supposed to be full-text search.

Another disappointment (same as with original Casio model) was lack of HEX mode considering it has advertised 240 functions.

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