Pentagram P6391

Router with 4 LAN + 1 WAN ethernet ports and WiFi based on Atheros AR2318.

On the right: second antenna.
HY57V641620: 8MB SDRAM, 3.3V.
Marvell 88E6060 - low power ethernet switch with 5 independent PHYs, 6 independent MACs, auto crossover, lookup memory for 1024 MAC addresses. Interestingly, each PHY supports technology called Virtual Circuit Tester,  according to datasheet able to locate cable problems (open/short cable) with 1 meter precision, based on Time Domain Reflectometry. Chip can be configured with MDIO interface or with external serial EEPROM.
Classic DC/DC converter with 34063 and some external transistor in SO-8 package. There is rectifying bridge on board, router is intended to be powered with AC voltage.
25L1605 SPI Flash memory, 2MB, 32 sectors 64kB each, 10k P/E cycles, 3.3V.

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