Eclipse usability notes

Remove unused toolbar items

Eclipse Mars installed as a part SW4STM32 uses two rows of toolbar items and most of them are probably not frequently used. To get rid of them use Window/Perspective/Customize perspective... menu.

Remove status bar

Status bar does not seem to present any useful information. Line numbers are displayed in editor window anyway, current column number and Insert/Overwrite mode state don't not seem important to me. To hide status bar open e4_basestyle.css file from Eclipse directory (in my case: Ac6\SystemWorkbench\plugins\org.eclipse.ui.themes_1.1.1.v20151026-1355\css) and add at the bottom of it:

#org-eclipse-ui-trim-vertical2 {
   visibility: hidden;

Update file timestamp before building

Project properties, C/C++ build, Settings, Build Steps, Pre-build steps:
${ProjDirPath}\build-tools/touch.exe ${ProjDirPath}\..\..\main.c
For a list of environment variables look at C/C++ Build, Build Variables and check "Show system variables":

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