Promo: free C++ Builder 10.1 Berlin Starter

In the past few weeks price for C++ Builder Starter was jumping between €68 and €0 (free) while quoted regular price is €307. This IDE may have best days behind it but VCL still is my favorite GUI toolkit for native windows applications.
I've worked with it for about week porting some older application, so here are few notes:
  • as clearly stated it supports only Win32 target: I'm fine with it
  • limited commercial use: not a big problem
  • it cannot import project import from older BDS2006 thus project needs to be recreated manually - there are few gotchas for older BDS users
  • heavily reduced debugging functionality: no "Local variables", no "Attach to process", cannot expand/dererence aggregates - this is why I won't leave BDS2006
  • some code bloat, e.g. 2MB -> 4MB for not so complicated application
 There is also similar promotion for Delphi.

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