Mocecom MC-STARTER mouse and replacing A4Tech X-708 encoder

Mouse wheel encoder in my old A4Tech X-708 started causing problems again (moving in opposite direction at one position and not moving at all at another position) and cleaning it with organic solvent was no help. Let's take a look inside:
As you can see it's covered with oil remains and some rust and it has miles behind it. On the bottom side of the wheel there are three contact springs - quite fragile as I broken one of them when trying to bend it. Well, it wouldn't help for long probably anyway.
Fortunately I had cheap Modecom MC-STARTER mouse lying around - almost unused as it just feels too cheap to use - little too small, little too light but still moving with too high resistance on cloth mouse pad.
It is based on MX8731 all-in-one chip - optical sensor and USB device in one from Shenzhen LIZE Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Mouse wheel encoder is identical as in A4Tech X-708/X-710.

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