Teardown: AA/AAA/USB charger

Global Technology BQC-2A28 AA/AAA/USB charger. Two independent channels, LCD display with simple icons representing charging state and very low price (bought for less than $6).

User manual:

Quite nice layout, AC input springs are dangerously close to LCD tape though.

Charging controller: EM78P259NMJ. It seems to be generic microcontroller actually: 8-bit, 2k x 13bit OTP-ROM, 12-bit ADC (4 inputs).
Next to it there is a 9926 dual n-channel MOSFET 20V/6A in SO-8 package.
Overall it seems to be good product. One thing that would bother me little is poorly regulated USB/5V output - with no load it gives in my unit 6.23V instead of expected 5V.

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