Teardown: DRH-5DS hub

5-port (+ shared uplink) 10/100 Mbps hub "NetEasy by D-Link", extremely useful when debugging Ethernet devices. Relatively small (compares to modern switches/routers) but very sturdy case made of thick steel sheet. Cons: high power consumption (comes with 5V/2.4A power supply that can get noticeably hot).


  • AIC1084CT, 5A low dropout linear voltage regulator
  • MCO-1500A 50 MHz 25 ppm oscillator
  • Winbond W25S243AF-7, high-speed, low-power, synchronous-burst pipelined, CMOS static RAM organized as 65,536 x 64 bits
  • SEEQ NQ80225/B
  • FD6605SX (note that whole board was named after it)
  • unidentified IC under black radiator
  • some TTL glue logic

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