Teardown: Philips SA2620, SA2640

Pendrive-style MP3 player powered by R03/AAA cell with 2 GB internal Flash memory. SA2640 is a version with 4 GB memory. It's main advantage is probably low current consumption - according to my measurement it should work an single AAA cell even longer than advertised 30 hours.
I've got 8 or 9 of these players but fixed most of them with dedicated Philips application. These two could not be fixed and their LCD was damaged also.
PCB front with display frame/backlighter detached. Nice shielding with copper and plastic foil.
Shielding removed:
Flash: THS8NVG4D4CTG00
LCD with controller:
LCD backlight:
 LCD frame with backlighter:
Mass storage device benchmark:

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