Teardown: Aiptek MP-1003

MP3 player from 2003. 256 MB Flash memory, powered by 2 AAA/R03 cells.
Inside: two PCBs
RT9264 - 400mA, 90% eff., 1.4 MHz boost DC-DC converter
MS6323AS: 16-Bits Stereo Audio DAC, 2.7-5.5V operation
MS6308: class AB headphone amplifier, compatible with Philips TDA1308T, maximum output power: 31mW at 2.8V, 124 mW at 5V
Wincan WT1004A
Two (!) Flash devices, separated data storage (Samsung 2 Gbit) and firmware: SST 39VF010, 1 Mbit, 3.3V.

 Nice gold plated connectors

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