Teardown: Philips SA2220

2GB Flash mp3 player from 2007. In general similar to previously mentioned SA2620, both have "Desing by Perception Digital" printed on PCBs -> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Perception_Digital. Major differences from user perspective would be playback time (10 h with SA2220 vs 30 h with SA2620) and display size (2 vs 3 lines accordingly).

It has smaller integration level than SA2620 so there are more reuse options.
AT1305P: step-up DC/DC converter with LDO.

WM8731LS: low power stereo codec with integrated headphone amplifier.
SM3400F SoC.
TH58NVG4D4CTG00 NAND: multi chip, 3.3V, 16 Gbit, 2 bits/cell,  x8, 2kB / 256kB, 70 nm, TSOP.

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